Be WELL.  Stay WELL.

Online LIVE Classes to Bridge the Gap

Online LIVE Classes to Bridge the Gap

ProBalance has setup the Be WELL. Stay WELL.™ program to address the COVID-19 crises. This program runs May 1-31st, 2020 for one fixed fee and includes live UNLIMITED online Pilates classes for this term.

UNLIMITED classes for $39




Experience Matters

You've only got one body and being sheltered in place, you need to make sure you keep yourself healthy and injury free because seeing a MD or PT in person is less of an option at this time.  Our live Movement Meet & Greets allow you to chat with our seasoned physical therapists and Pilates fitness trainers who are used to working with mature bodies that may have "been places" and need some modification.


Time Well Spent

Whether you only have 20 minutes or you have an hour, you'll find a movement class/experience that will fit into your day.. Somewhere between homeschooling the middle-schooler and fighting the lines at the grocery store on your desperate search for toilet paper, carving out a little time for yourself will help you recharge and keep you healthy so you can continue caring for your family.


Dig out those Pilates props from the back of the closet

Got some resistance bands lying around the house?  Maybe you have a foam roller or an Oov and you wish you had some ideas on what to do with it.  We'll have online workouts that include a mixture of no props, to simple props that might include household items, to Oovs, to even full reformer classes for those who are Pilates lovers.


Accountability is Key

Have you ever tried watching a pre-recorded workout and find yourself bailing out after 5 minutes because your squirrel brain spotted a dirty sock on the floor that had to be picked up...2 hours later...still never getting back down to that workout?  I'd bet you never walked out on a class at a gym or studio after 5 minutes.  When we see you, when others know you're there, you're more likely to actually DO THE WORKOUT instead of intending on doing it and never getting  to it.


Times are tough...let's make this do-able

Let's face it.  It's a little scary right now wondering if you'll have a job next week, next month, or if your retirement is going to dwindle down to nothing.  Financial stress is a huge source of anxiety and stress negatively affects your immune system...not good for these times.  When you have something you can look forward to that you know is an investment in yourself, that helps.  That's why we hope these online live classes can jump-start your health and mindset in a way that can help you over the long haul.


We need connection

One of the best things about being in a class live or any space with others is the sense that you're part of something're all experiencing something together.  We hope that we can give you a little bit of that feeling, even if you just show up to our Meet and Greet happy hours to let off a little steam and bond with others who may be in similar shoes.  You never know where you'll meet lifelong friends...even if they're halfway around the world.

How It Works

We'll be using as the platform for our live classes. 

All of our classes will be delivered live and will not be recorded. 

This means that each class you have will be a unique experience with a new teacher or maybe the same teacher, but a completely different format.  

We'll update our schedule frequently so that there are 1-3 live online options DAILY for the entire month of May 2020.

Take just one class or take all of them.  There’s no limit! 

Current Live Class Schedule


We LOVE to watch you discover your potential.

As the owner of ProBalance physical therapy & Pilates, I have the privilege to work with an amazing group of practitioners that transform bodies on a daily basis through the modality of movement.

Many people think that it's our hands that do the healing, but that's only one tiny component.  It's the amazing combination of clinical reasoning skills with empathetic encouragement that is the secret sauce in our movement programs being so successful.

Ada Wells, DPT

Trusted.  Simple.  Consistent.

Life is complex enough with all that's going on in the world.  We'll make it easy for you to find time to take care of yourself.

Trusted Source

Take classes from practitioners who have years of expertise in using movement for injury treatment and prevention.

Workout from a Choice of Devices

You can log on and follow along whether you're using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Unlimited LIVE classes ONLINE with VARIETY

We'll be serving up 1-3 online classes or experiences per day.  We all have our own "flavor" that we like to bring to the table to make it a great experience.


Find answers and general information quickly about this course.

Some of our workouts use props, some do not and actually try to take advantage of what you have lying around the house.  We'll provide links where we know you can purchase some of these small props online if you would like to participate in more workouts.

While many of us teaching these classes are physical therapists, we are not YOUR physical therapist at THAT time and in the format of a group class.  You should still follow the advice of not starting a new exercise program without first checking in with your physician or personal health care provider.  If you want to get more one - on - one guidance that can help you more effectively modify for old/chronic issues as you exercise, you may choose to request a session with one of our staff in the "wellness" capacity to guide you.  These one-on-ones are at an additional charge.

We'll be using a common online meeting platform called  It is easy to use and part of the purpose of some Meet and Greets may be just to make sure you feel comfortable logging into the classes and navigating the schedule.  When in doubt, you can contact our support to help.

We are just offering this as a one month, no strings attached program.  Next month, we’ll be rolling out our more long term version of this program which will hopefully include its own app and a much easier interface and client facing experience.  The full details of that program and pricing are yet to be determined.

Can't make it live?  Watch on-demand.

We include 7 additional on-demand workout videos for the month as an option if you have a favorite format or can't make a class live.

Choose from:
Foundational:  Where we work on the movement fundamentals...This is great for beginners or those who want a more deliberate pace and need to be talked through modifications.
Flow:  These intermediate level classes are more challenging in that they may include more complex movements, move at a faster pace, and require that you have a solid understanding on how to modify for your own body.

Function:  These include many of our standing and upright classes where we're taking the work back to real life.  Upright balance, posture, coordination,and strength are worked on.

Focus:  These classes may take a region of the body, a common issue (keeping knees healthy, low bone density, etc.) and 

Fix:  Sometimes you just need a quick couple of exercises to keep it all together.  These short sequences can be part of your daily routine.

Oov:  These classes utilize a unique home home exercise tool that enables you to workout multiple systems in a 3D manner so results are felt immediately.  

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Unlimited live Online classes for one low price for the month of May 2020.  



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