Add yards to your drive and years to your swing by using intelligent movement as your secret weapon!

Do any of these apply to you?

•You’re feeling down because it feels like both your back and your golf game are getting progressively worse the more you practice or play.
•Your collection of useless swing gadgets and expensive clubs aren't making a noticable difference in how well you swing.
•You feel like you’re hitting a wall because you can’t get your body in the golf swing positions your golf pro wants to take you into.
•You're frustrated because the increased time you’re spending working out at the gym is not translating to increased distance or power on the fairway.
•You’re struggling because your drives are lacking the power, accuracy, and/or consistency needed to take your game to the next level.
•Or...perhaps you are a golfer who is just Pilates curious or you are a Pilates teacher who is just golf curious...
In any of these cases, the FREE Pain-Proof Golf Portal is a resource you'll want to check out.  
Inside, you'll find a collection of videos, exercise worksheets, fitness/self mobilization tips and more that are designed for you, the golfer, in mind to get you started on the right path towards taking care of your most valuable piece of equipment...your body!
Content Available In This Product
  • Pain-Proof Golf-FREE
    Included In This Package:
    Improve the quality of your movement & swing using Pilates inspired exercises.
    Instructor: Ada Wells, PT, DPT